Mobile app development offers valuable marketing opportunities for businesses and increases their market reach. Alestra provides a full app development cycle, from app design and deployment to management services. From ideation and concept to delivery, we develop state-of-the-art and most engaging mobile applications with the help of our designers, android developers, and trained iOS developer.

Alestra takes care of the entire mobile development service, whether it’s a consumer-oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution. Our team of developers use standard coding practices such as MVC and MVVM to make it easier for clients to get support from anywhere else.

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Quality assurance and testing at alestra soluions
Quality Assurance and Testing

Backend development at alestra solutions
Backend Development

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Consulting Services

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UI/UX Design

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Maintenance and Support

Our Projects

< class="gt3-core-imagebox-title"> Responsive Design

A responsive app design to allow the efficient flow of app content across all screen sizes and resolutions.

< class="gt3-core-imagebox-title"> Geo Tracking

The geo-tracking feature incorporated in the app helps to identify the real-world physical location of individuals and devices.

< class="gt3-core-imagebox-title"> Smart Features

Different smart features such as a compass, contact list, GPS, fingerprint, and camera have been incorporated to make the mobile experience more attractive.

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< class="gt3-core-imagebox-title"> Maximized Outreach

The incorporation of advanced features has maximized the outreach of the app to a massive audience, as there are 3.5 billion users in the world.

< class="gt3-core-imagebox-title"> Security

The developed app is secure, which helps keep customer data protected and improves the target audience's trust.

< class="gt3-core-imagebox-title"> Push Notification

The push notification feature has been incorporated to help businesses boost customer retention rates.


Our Process


Consultation regarding the project

Our first step is to provide you with a free consultation regarding your projects and reform your ideas.


After getting the required information, we focus on research in a similar category to get a better idea about the latest trends.

Designing and Development

The app is designed and developed in this phase according to the requirements gathered in the previous phase. It may involve creating wireframes, prototypes, and user flows to visualize the app's design and functionality. The actual coding of the app also takes place during this phase.


The testing phase involves checking the app's functionality, performance, and usability to ensure that it meets the requirements and works as intended.


In the delivery phase, the app gets released to intended users or customers through a distribution channel for beta testing.

Deployment and Maintenance

This step involves installing and configuring the app on a production server, ensuring that it is available to users, and performing ongoing maintenance tasks such as bug fixes, security updates, and performance optimization.

What Our Clients Say

Most Popular Questions

There are different things which are required for efficient app development, such as your idea about the app, functional requirements and specifications, continuous feedback, UI/UX design, backend admin dashboard and backend API.

We are following the Agile method in the app development process.

We use Flutter and react for the frontend, firebase and Node.js for the backend. We always suggest our clients go with Flutter as it is faster than React Native because React Native uses JavaScript bridges. Also, Flutter is much more stable for operating system updates.

Yes! We offer app deployment services for the app store and the play store.

Yes, we provide app support after deployment to ensure the proper functioning of the developed app.


What's Ashore is a community platform available on Apple and Android devices that provides essential location details for boaters on its map, from dinghy docks to bin drops. It allows boaters to easily find necessary locations and spend more time enjoying hotspots.


Salon is an appointment booking app that enables users to schedule appointments with their preferred salon or barbershop from their devices. It offers a convenient and efficient way to manage appointments, view availability and streamline the booking process for both users and businesses.


Ryder is a ride-hailing app that connects riders with drivers for transportation. It offers users the ability to enter pickup and drop-off locations, view trip cost and duration, select from various vehicle options, request rides, track drivers' locations, and pay for rides all within the app.


Baladi is a family tree app that enables users to create and maintain a digital record of their family history. It allows users to input information about their ancestors, visualize it in the form of a tree or chart, and learn more about their heritage. It also helps Palestinians to connect with their national heroes.


Gringle is a venue booking app that helps businesses and individuals find and book event spaces for meetings, conferences, workshops, and other events. It offers a search feature based on location, size, and availability, and provides users with photos and descriptions of the spaces. It also allows users to book and pay for the venue directly within the app and leave reviews for others. Gringle is a useful resource for anyone seeking suitable venues.