What's Ashore is a community platform available on Apple and Android devices that provides essential location details for boaters on its map, from dinghy docks to bin drops. It allows boaters to easily find necessary locations and spend more time enjoying hotspots.


Salon is an appointment booking app that enables users to schedule appointments with their preferred salon or barbershop from their devices. It offers a convenient and efficient way to manage appointments, view availability and streamline the booking process for both users and businesses.


Ryder is a ride-hailing app that connects riders with drivers for transportation. It offers users the ability to enter pickup and drop-off locations, view trip cost and duration, select from various vehicle options, request rides, track drivers' locations, and pay for rides all within the app.


Baladi is a family tree app that enables users to create and maintain a digital record of their family history. It allows users to input information about their ancestors, visualize it in the form of a tree or chart, and learn more about their heritage. It also helps Palestinians to connect with their national heroes.


Gringle is a venue booking app that helps businesses and individuals find and book event spaces for meetings, conferences, workshops, and other events. It offers a search feature based on location, size, and availability, and provides users with photos and descriptions of the spaces. It also allows users to book and pay for the venue directly within the app and leave reviews for others. Gringle is a useful resource for anyone seeking suitable venues.